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Special  free webinar:
Judge (ret.) Shlomo Shoham
hosts Bruce Lipton

May 30th

The biology of BELIef,


Dr.Bruce Lipton


  Shlomo Shoham

Have you ever asked yourself :

-Is there more to this world than what appears to the eye?

Are we slaves to our genes or are we aware that the freedom
to transform our body’s biological nature is in our hands?


Are we able to receive more joy, more meaning,
more satisfaction, more simplicity, more synchronicity?


The answer lies in the biology of belief healing and leading...


Shlomo Shoham (live) & Bruce Lipton (rec.)at their best , on:

May  30th 2023 at 7:00 pm Israel time

12 pm EST  |  10 am MST  |  9 am PST  |  6 pm CET  |  5 pm GMT

Please check the following time zone converter for the relevant time in your area: 

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