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A special webinar
Judge (ret.) Shlomo Shoham

hosts Gregg Braden! 
Gregg's session is recorded

free zoom session
Sep. 9th

Synchronizing Heart and brain as a highway to transform inner & global leadership


Shlomo Shoham


Gregg Braden

Have you ever asked yourself :

-Is there more to this world than what appears to the eye?

- Can all the pieces of this human puzzle of life be assembled accurately?

- Are we able to receive more joy, more meaning, more satisfaction, more simplicity, more synchronicity?

- How can I connect to my high purpose and create the best future for myself , my society , and the world ?

The answer lies in synchronization of the heart and the brain


we can use this amazing scientific understanding
to create a resonant leadership
for the well-being of ourselves and the world.

Image by Moritz Kindler

Shlomo Shoham will be live presenting the recording with Gregg Braden
from last  session.

Thursday, Sep. 9th, 2021 at 7:00 pm CET
(8:00 PM IDT)
Please check the following time zone converter for the relevant time in your area: 

In this webinar we will guide you towards identifying your road signs
on the path to your calling.

 towards a more complete and satisfying life...

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