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Who are you? what do you want? where are you going? 


free zoom session

Dec. 30th

How to find create
our high purpose

​What is my calling in life?

Am I fulfilling my high purpose?

Our  high purpose is not a static object,
it is not something that once found, can be conquered, and kept,

it is our responsibility to create our high purpose

It is the dance of life 

which allows us to realize our visions and dreams.

“High purpose is not a rock, it is a dance”

“High purpose is not a rock, it is a dance”

So, what are the road signs, the stages that help us identify our high purpose?

1. Inward focus from a place of self-love and empathy

2. Connecting to our desire to offer our gifts to the world

3. Total  listening to the needs of the world – that call us into action


Do you want to train yourself on
how to have  these road signs?

Thursday, Dec. 30th, 2020
at 8:00 pm, EST

we will conduct a free ZOOM session, guiding you towards identifying your road signs on the path to your calling, so you can live a more complete and satisfying life.


This session will be the start of our quest
where we will learn:

  • To listen to our inner selves beyond the background noise and daily interference

  • How to create a space in which we can exercise unconditional self-love

  • How to identify the connection between our gifts and the world’s current needs

  • How we can overcome obstacles that prevent us from identifying our true calling

If we listen carefully, we might just be able
to catch that first glimpse 
of our high purpose 

This ZOOM session is free of charge

Thursday, Dec. 30th, 2020at 8:00 pm, EST

A bit about the teacher

Shlomo Shoham Judge (ret.) 

Former Commissioner for Future Generations, The Israeli Parliament.

Chairman and founder of the Sustainable Global Leadership Academy (SGLA)

Conducts leadership and personal development workshops around the globe for thousands of people

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