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TEDxJaffa - Shlomo Shoham -- Paradigm Shift in Leadership

TEDxJaffa - Shlomo Shoham -- Paradigm Shift in Leadership

Judge (ret.) Shlomo Shoham talks about how people need to adjust the way they view the best way to lead countries and organizations in order to be more considerate of the future. He suggests ways to be more proactive in leadership development and, in general, how to change to forward thinking instead of historical thinking. Shoham served as the first Commissioner for Future Generations and as a legal advisor to the Constitution Law and Justice Committee in the Israeli Parliament. In addition, since 2010, he has served as a Chair of the Parole Committee in the Israeli Prison Services. Shoham was a lecturer in the Law Faculties of the Universities of Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Bar Ilan on range of subjects on Human Rights and Criminal Law. He also taught Emotional Intelligence at the executive MPA program at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and Meditation and Bio-energy for thousands of people worldwide. In recent years, Shlomo was an honorary fellow of the Bertelsmann Foundation; within this framework he wrote the book "Future Intelligence". Shoham also teaches Future-oriented Leadership, Sustainable Leadership and Holistic Leadership in Colleges and conferences all over the world and is the founder of the Sustainable Global Leadership Academy which will train promising future leaders with the greatest potential to create global transformation. With future intelligence at the core of the curriculum, the Academy will facilitate the world's future leaders to internalize a holistic approach and embody leadership at the intellectual, physical, emotional and spiritual levels.
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