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Live, Face to face, Seminar

August 1st

Find your calling

via future Imagery

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Judge (ret.)
  Shlomo Shoham

Agnieszka Czajkowska - Wendorff

​We will go through a quest  of emotional release and dynamic meditation to let go of old patterns imprisoned in our body and soul.

We will use the tools of future intelligence and future imagery to help  create your desired future and the magical tools of ancient bio-energy and the secret of your pineal gland – to help you surrender to your calling …



August 1st 2024 6pm -10pm

 This is your opportunity for a  face to face seminar with SHLOMO SHOHAM  for only 50 euro

To register please fill  in this form:

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What awaits us in this workshop?


Start your personal journey to heal your self


A new  inspiring  perspective


Find out how to create your best future -that awaits you beyond the horizon


  supportive like-minded environment

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About the teachers

Judge (ret.) Shlomo Shoham

Renowned international  speaker, transformational  teacher, author of the books “Future Intelligence” and "The New Dawn".

Former Commissioner for Future Generations in the Israeli Parliament.

Served as head of the Israeli delegation to the CSD at the UN.

Chairman and founder of SGLA - Sustainable Global Leadership Academy.

Creator of Nigun meditation and future imagery meditation.

** You can book a personal session with Shlomo Shoham . The cost is 180 euro.​

Agnieszka Czajkowska - Wendorff

Psychologist, psychotherapist, mentor and spiritual guide. She has over 20 years of experience in working with young people and 13 years of experience in working with adults. She conducts individual and couples therapy. Specializes in the area of ​​self-esteem, manifestation, femininity, communication, psychological violence and depression. She graduated from 5 fields of study, left a toxic relationship, changed her job after 17 years and believes that it is never too late to change. It shows that you can live the life of your dreams. She has developed her own method of changing energy and entering higher vibrations. It spreads positive energy and
motivates to change. She appears as an expert in television, radio and press programs.
In 2020, she fulfilled her dream and appeared at TEDx with a speech titled: “Be your own authority.” She conducts personalized training for companies and original workshops titled: , "Map of dreams", "Design your life", "Queen of Feminine Power - how to achieve happiness and fulfillment in life, "Inner child".
She creates individual meditations and those that he publishes on her YouTube channel called: "Coffee with a psychologist". In her work, she approaches man holistically and combines traditional psychology with spirituality.

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