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A special Live webinar
With   Dr. Bruce Lipton!
  Rakefet Beka Moses (Live)
and Shlomo Shoham (Live)

Resonant feminine leadership (2).png

on the path of creating future leadership for the well being of our planet. 

-Is there more to this world than what appears to the eye?

- Can all the pieces of this human puzzle of life be assembled accurately?

- Are we able to receive more joy, more meaning, more satisfaction, more simplicity, more synchronicity?

- How can I connect to my high purpose and create the best future for myself , my society , and the world ?

The Live will take place @ Future Intelligence‎ fb page

Monday, May. 10th, 2021
At 11:30 am MDT. 7:30 pm CET

(8:30 PM Israel time)
Please check the following time zone converter for the relevant time in your area: 

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This event is part of the SGLA program
(Sustainable Global Leadership Academy)

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