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The SGL Movement

Sustainable Global Leadership movement

Earth and Space

Transform the World via leadership


We envision a world led by Humane, Authentic, Resonant Leaders, Who are driven by their Sense of Service, Love for Life, Mankind and our Planet Earth, Commitment to Sustainability, Operating with holistic foresight Long-term perspective, Awareness, Responsibility and Total  Listening.

Wandering Traveler


Creating a future of well-being, prosperity and harmony in each and every facet of life, for present and future generations.

The essence of a global perspective resides in understanding. The inter-connectedness of all element and phenomena of our human, natural and universal existence.

The obligation to consider and take responsibility over our universe as a whole.

Relaxing at Home

We are committed 

  • To educate and train our future leaders to be the transformation we want to see in the world

  • To support the creation of a sustainable future for our planet earth

  • To enhance Inclusion, Emancipation and Peace in countries, organisations and government policies


Support Group

Judge (ret.) Shlomo Shoham- Chair

Former Commissioner for Future Generations


Jan Van De Venis

Dutch Umbodsman for future generations  


Masha Trommel



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