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Sustainable Global Leadership Association


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We envision a world led by Humane Authentic Leaders, Who are driven by their Sense of Service Love for Life, Mankind and the Universe.

Commitment to Sustainability, Operating with holistic foresight Long-term perspective, Awareness, Responsibility and Total  Listening.
 come and join us!

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Here you can find ideas, opinions and articles on sustainable leadership


Navigating in Woods

SGLA was established in 2011 by Shlomo Shoham with the purpose of creating a new world leadership based on the values of sustainability and well-being for all humans, every living creature on the planet and for  Mother Earth…

For over two years, we - Prof. Yaacov Raz, Prof. David Passig, Dr. Ben Shomer, Thomas Hubl, Reuven Gal and myself, Shlomo Shoham , have developed a concept for training future world leaders based on the following four dimensions : intellectual, emotional, physical, and awareness dimension.

Over the years, we have successfully conducted mentor training and leadership programs in Vietnam, Israel and The Netherlands , and have been extremely satisfied with the results.

In 2020 under the “Corona Upheaval” we have utilized this opportunity and decided to fulfill our vision for creating a global leadership community by way of online programs…

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