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Oriental Pond

Special Webinar

Judge (ret.)  
Shlomo Shoham

The amazing groundbreaking teachers' course is coming….
Shlomo Shoham will share with you the insights he received on his lifelong journey which will help you become the teacher that you are in this world.
At the end of this course and the practicum – you will be an SGLA certified teacher, and will be able to practice as such in your country. 
You will gain a very exciting profession aligned with your calling, enabling you to benefit both mentally and financially…
We will train you to lead guided meditations and create a breakthrough in peoples' lives, as well as your own.
You will gain a set of tools including content, practicalities, how to create the setting and safe space for your work and how to market it …
Open yourself to this calling and come wherever you are….

Teacher's course Syllabus

Part 1 – Meditations and Exercises

  1. Inner child meditation

  2. Opening to the heart

  3. Future imagery – stage 1

  4. Circle of our desired future

  5. Backcasting

  6. Drop – satori

  7. Lotus blossom

  8. Akashic library / Beyond Karma

  9. Dynamic meditations

  10. Rebirth meditation

  11. Nothingness


Part 2 – Self-awareness

  1. Awareness of your personal issues

  2. Awareness of our survival mode

  3. Total listening.

  4. How to bring the Love Spirit to the room.

  5. Respond don´t resist.

  6. How to deal with resistance

  7. Beyond automatic pilot / beyond FFF /beyond fear, anger and pain

  8. Flexibility, adaptability and resilience


Part 3 – Preparation

  1. Total intention

  2. Focus

  3. Interview

  4. Interdit people

  5. Marketing



Part 4 – Safe setting

  1. External accessories (candles…..)

  2. Responsibilities

  3. Prima Non Nochere

  4. Clean and protected space

Part 5 – completion – supervision



May  9th 2023 at 5pm Israel time 

10am EST  |  8 am MST  |  07 am PST  |  4 pm CET  | 3 pm GMT

Zoom link:



To register please fill  in this form:

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