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A special webinar
Judge (ret.) Shlomo Shoham 
hosts Thomas Huebl ! (Recorded)

free zoom session
Sep. 23th

Healing the collective trauma


Shlomo Shoham

תומס הובל_edited_edited.jpg

Thomas Huebl

Thomas Huebel is a leading German spiritual teacher
who focuses on giving us tools to pinpoint,
observe and release our collective trauma,
which in turn can drastically improve our lives.

Shlomo Shoham will be live presenting a recording with Thomas Huebl

Thursday, Sep. 23th, 2021 at 7:00 pm CET
(8:00 PM IDT)
Please check the following time zone converter for the relevant time in your area: 

In this webinar we will guide you towards identifying your road signs
on the path to your calling.

 towards a more complete and satisfying life...

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