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A special webinar
The former judge hosts Gregg Braden!

free zoom session

Jan. 7th

Synchronization between the Heart and Head


The heart and head require synchronization
in order to: 

1. live a full and meaningful life

2. make accurate decision from the right place

3. alleviate confusion and frustration

4. feel into our own depth and self realization

5. access that completion we're searching for in order to feel whole

Hands in heart

Have you ever asked yourself:

- Is there more to this world than what appears to the eye?

- Can all the pieces of this human puzzle of life be assembled accurately?

- Are we able to receive more joy, more meaning, more satisfaction, more simplicity, more synchronicity?


If these questions occupy your mind, I have something important to tell you. 

Image by Moritz Kindler

The answer lies in synchronization of the heart and mind.

Shlomo Shoham, retired judge, has been leading hundreds of students towards their destiny. He is hosting a special session with Gregg Braden, best selling author whose expertise is teaching about bridging science and spirituality.

Thursday, Jan. 7th, 2021 at 5:00pm
(GMT+2, Jerusalem time)
we will conduct a free ZOOM session, guiding you towards identifying your road signs on the path to your calling, so you can live a more complete and satisfying life.


What we will practice in the webinar?

Gregg Braden teaches how to synchronize the mind and heart and has proven many times over how this is scientifically possible. 

It seems that the heart has neurons just like the brain!
This means that we can make decisions from our heart on a physical level too!

In addition to this fascinating lecture that is part of the course curriculum, Gregg will lead the students into a powerful exercise that will show every single participant how to assemble these pieces into completion, thus achieving synchronicity, accuracy and success in the flow of life. 


Shlomo Shoham will also lead you into a journey of guided imagery that will reveal to you the best possible future for you and your surroundings.

This ZOOM session is free of charge

Thursday, Jan. 7th, 2021 at 5:00pm
(GMT+2, Jerusalem time)

A bit about the teacher

Shlomo Shoham Judge (ret.) 

Former Commissioner for Future Generations, The Israeli Parliament.

Chairman and founder of the Sustainable Global Leadership Academy (SGLA)

Conducts leadership and personal development workshops around the globe for thousands of people

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